A tribute to beauty

The weight of beauty for a better quality of life by means of an assortment of natural and organic beverages.

A chat, a work meeting, an afternoon with your friends, a relaxing break, a cocktail: a great many occasions where you can meet up at a pastry shop, a bar, a club. We would like to accompany these moments with something good, healthy, pleasant, absolutely natural and not too sweet.

Our fruit, carefully chosen and picked where it is grown, is the starting point. We favour the use of Italian organic products, of controlled and certified origin.

We are a strong group with experience and values and want to contribute to people’s well-being. Our approach is not a fad, carelessness is not part of our style, fashions that fade away, bad taste and non culture do not belong to us.
We proffer beauty and love coming to terms with it in everything that surrounds us.

A ground-breaking thought

I am the juice which has decided to kick against low quality standards.

I love what is beautiful and good. When I say good I mean what is also right and ethical, and for this reason I am the spokesman for a unique, healthy and sincere taste. I am devoted to Italian and organic farming. My fruit is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers. I do not contain preservatives or additives. My label is clear: it lists all the information about my organoleptic qualities, because your well-being is really dear to my heart!

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Sparkling botanical drinks for real connoisseurs

My assortment is an exclusive range of completely natural soft drinks.

Real mixable specialities for barmen, moments of pure pleasure for gourmet consumers. I am an excellent thirst quencher during the day, a spirited cocktail and a pleasurable mix to sip at night. Selected ingredients of controlled origin, without food colourings or preservatives, to satisfy the new trend of healthy quality drinks. A modern drink concept for connoisseurs, in which the strong drive for innovation undergoes a reinterpretation towards the genuineness of antique flavors, when botanical knowledge was the foundation of well-being.

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A tea you have to love

I am the new ORGANIC Ice Tea from the infusion of real green tea.

I use high quality raw materials, giving the utmost attention to the origin of the organic leaf teas, directly selected by experts in the cultivated areas in China. For an even stronger, richer and healthier taste, my infusions contain cane sugar from organic farming. A wide and complete range which combines new and authentic excellence with important beneficial properties.

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