«The future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams»

Our Futurism is movement, strength, passion, resolution, culture.


We were born to bring together a group of enthusiasts who share the desire to bring to the market powerful values such as beauty, courtesy, respect, education and transparency.

If these words resonate with you, you might also want to know that we are specialist in ORGANIC and Glamour, and we promote the beauty of a 100% natural lifestyle.

We know: great achievements take great efforts.

The greatest magic happens in our Research & Development Lab, where we take our zero sugar and gluten free mission forward, and craft increasingly green and healthy products.

Our mission is to spread beauty through a range of natural organic soft drinks.

We are lovers the beautiful and good.

Through innovation (we are futurist, remember?) and research, the usage of healthy, organic ingredients and a particular attention to the amount of added sugar, we promote “a new way to drink soft” suitable for every moment of the day and different consumption occasions, from a quick out-of-home break to nightlife.

We come from the future. Yet there is something that makes us stand out: we fiercely stick to the roots of our past, of our Italianness!

The quality and tradition that characterises the lifestyle, food and culture of our country is the beating heart of the company.

If you share our futurist vision, and aim at spreading the values of beauty, nature and quality among society to promote the glamour of a healthy lifestyle, then you are in the right place.

Welcome to the Futurists' world!

Our Story

Our project comes from a dream; a genuine passion, and the desire to innovate and make our mark.

Bevande Futuriste was born in Treviso in 2014 thanks to the three Venetian founding partners: Alessandro Angelon, Elena Ceschelli and Alberto Zamuner, who had a burning desire to change the logic of the beverage sector by introducing an innovative product, aimed in particular at the modern and futuristic woman .

She is the true muse of our project.

From a customer study of her habits away from home we have created our DiFrutta and Ama_Tè organic juices.

The colours, the best raw, ORGANIC ingredients, the shape of their bottle, the attention to the amount of added sugars, the transparency of their label and the careful placement are the result of this study.

The idea behind the brand is to educate consumers about the fine, organic drinking - and Made in Italy -related values, especially outside the home.