The Cordial and Courteous cocktail was born from the need to adapt to this period, which made everyone vulnerable, but with a great desire to get out and not to give up. For this reason and without the possibility of opening, as usual, during the night, the same bartender from Catania Giovanni Torre, like many other colleagues all along the Boot, opened his cocktail bar from morning to afternoon. The drink is nothing more than a reinterpretation of the classic Gin Tonic, thought in a 'morning' variant, with a friendly little alcohol based green apple and laurel instead of gin and the Cortese Pure Tonic, produced in Italy by Futurist Drinks, natural tonic that contains only water, mineral salts, sugar and authentic natural quinine.



60 ml cordial homemade clarified alcohol of green apple and laurel

top Cortese Pure Tonic




Bay leaf

For the cordial homemade:

Vacuum sugar, green apple and bay leaf for a couple of days, obtaining a syrup, then add some London Dry Gin and citric acid. The drink is prepared with the build technique: pour the cordial homemade filtered, then the top of Cortese Pure Tonic directly into a 'pot-bellied' Highball glass, with a large ice cube, mix gently and serve. Decorate with a bay leaf.


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