Active since 2007, Banca Generali Private Banking by invitation golf tour has already become a classic both in the circuit and among enthusiasts. Bevande Futuriste has the pleasure to sponsor its closing stage at the Cherasco Golf Club in Cuneo.

The guests take part in an early morning tasting of DiFrutta Bio - juice - a full range of top quality, additives- and preservatives-free fruit juices and nectars from controlled organic farming - and Originale Bio 1959 - the perfect organic choice for sparkling soft drinks lovers, made according to tarditional recipes with naturally excellent ingredients, like Italian chinotto, blood oranges and lemons. A full range of Italian-style products that can satisfy even the most demanding palate, also ideal for restaurant and catering.

Patrizia Bevilacqua, Bevande Futuriste Brand Ambassador

After the golf competition, the guests have an aperitif with a CORTESE and Gin Giust Gin & Tonic made by Patrizia Bevilacqua, Bevande Futuriste Brand Ambassador, and Mauro Ferreri, Co-Founder of Gin Giust.

At the end of the event, we awarded the winners with a branded cadeaux: two selections of organic and glamorous products.

Colour, art, beauty. Our Futurism is an engine running; an explosion evoking all sorts of sensations. Our aim is entering the Italian imagery of the new drinking; our stylish products are the witnesses and protagonists of change,

and this is why we promote the good, the organic, the Italian and all the beautiful ideas that make us taste the world and its mildness: the authentic virtue of our Futurism, a manifesto of unstoppable, passionate nature.

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