From September 26th to October 2nd 2022, Bevande Futuriste has the pleasure to be the main Sponsor of the Venice Cocktail Week: a whole week of meetings, masterclasses and night shifts full of international guests, insights and events for high mixology professionals and enthusiasts. Discover some of the most incredible events:

● A 5-STAR GIN & TONIC: in the prestigious setting of the Aman Venice hotel, an aulic debate on elegance and professionalism at simplicity's disposal.

How will the Gin & Tonic of tomorrow be? An opportunity to share some thoughts with experts and friends from the world of luxury hospitality.

A 5-Star Gin & Tonic at the Aman Venice

A roundtable with:

- Samuele Ambrosi, Founder CloakStudios e Cloakroom Cocktail Lab (Treviso)

- Lucia Montanelli, Director of Mixology at Dorchester Hotel (Londra)

- Antonio Ferrara, Bar manager Aman Venice (Venezia)

- Roberto Pellegrini, Teacher and trainer, Accademia delle Professioni

- Rama Redzepi, Bar manager Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe (Gardone Riviera, BS)

Giovanni Angelucci, food & wine journalist.

The event continues with the LADIES' HOUR AT THE ROOFTOP afterdinner, c/o the Skyline Rooftop Bar of the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice. Special guest: Lucia Montanelli, Director of Mixology at the Dorchester Hotel in London, and her CORTESE & Prohibito signature cocktails. 

Samantha Migani, Paola Mencarelli, Lucia Montanelli and Elena Ceschelli at the Ladies' Hour at the Rooftop afterdinner, c/o Skyline Rooftop in Venice

Lucia Montanelli, special guest at the Ladies' Hour at the Rooftop afterdinner, c/o Skyline Rooftop in Venice

On September 29th, Palazzina Grassi is the charming setting of Orient Atmospheres in Venice and the masterclass Hot Drinks: Return to the Origins of Mixology by Samuele Ambrosi, founder of Cloak Studios & Cloakroom Cocktail Lab: an investigation on the history and evolution of hot drinks combined with the tasting of some iconic recipes.

Masterclass Hot Drinks: Return to the Origins of Mixology

The masterclass is followed by the Aperitivo & Cicchetti experiential aperitif, where the Venetian tradition of Palazzina Grassi resident Chef Fabio Manni blends with the Tiki and Fusion cuisine of guest Chef Alessandro Montanari, Tiki Chef and owner of the Hawaiki Paradise Tiki bar in Igea Marina.

The food proposal is accompanied by a cocktail selection by Lucas Kelm, Bar Manager at Palazzina Grassi, Samuele Ambrosi, founder of the Cloak Studios & Cloakroom Cocktail Lab, and Diego Macedo, Bar Manager at Sastreria Martinez in Lima, Perù.

Diego Macedo, Lucas Kelm and Samuele Ambrosi

Fabio Manni and Alessandro Montanari

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