We have long been waiting for it: behind the bar counters; acrossthe bar tables and the Italian streets. We have been waiting for it even before that long, dark tunnel that began on March 2020, and hit the hospitality industry so hard.

But, after a winter and a spring so full of shows and conferences, May 2022 finally arrived, and brought along the roar of a Bar Industry that is reaching its peak with the Roma Bar Show: the appointment with the world of international mixology that took place in the fascinating setting of Palazzo dei Congressi c/o EUR (Rome). An event marked by meetings, masterclasses, talks, tastings and art exhibitions dedicated to the universe of beverage and hospitality.

Inspired by the ancient Oriental deities, the Gran Teatro della Miscelazione went on stage on May 30th and 31st at the booth T04. True protagonists of the event: Prohibito – The new way of mixing, and many international guests who shared their experience and knowledge on the latest trend and news in the field of mixology.

From the Far East, with the consultations of the I-ching oracles, an ancient instrument used by Confucio during the ancient Chinese civilisation, to the mystical Oriental deities, with devotional songs dedicated Krishna, Lord Ganesh, in a spiritual shaman Dub version. An incredible journey lead by spiritual DJ Marino Ottaviani (@mymantra_marino_ottaviani), Master of Evolutionary Tarot Franca Bisulli (@francabis), and resident DJ Fabio Ruggiero, through deep, suggestive atmosphere of the Orient-inspired cocktails specially created by our guests.

Flyer: Gran Teatro della Miscelazione

During the two-day high mixology show and meeting, 15 bartenders follower one another behind the bar counter; resident bartender & Brand Ambassador of the event: Samantha Migani, owner of the Hawaiki Paradise Tiki bar in Igea Marina.

Samantha Migani, Hawaiki Paradise - Igea Marina

Special thanks to the protagonists of this edition, who shared their experience and knowledge on the latest mixology trends with us:

Antonello Tarantino, Head Bartender T Bar (Roma)
Carlos Soriano, Bar manger Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari (Roma)
Enrico Scarzella, Bar manger Velluto (Bologna)
Pasquale Pizzi E Francesco Di Gioia, owners Contrabar (Bisceglie)
Nicola Milella, owner Summit Club (Bari)
Williams Citrigno, Trainer Barbrothers Hdemy (Cosenza)
Antonio Lecciso, owner Prohibition (Lecce)
Vincenzo Caruso, owner Taba Cafè (Roma)
Valeria Bassetti, Mixology Expert e Founder Drink_it (Roma)
Andrea Allegretti, Bar Manager Il Vecchio e Il Mare (Trani)
Francesco E Luca Minafra, Barman Il Vecchio e Il Mare (Trani)
Simone Mina, owner Ch 18 87 (Roma)
Silvia Carpene, owner Buseto (Roma)

Simone Mina, Ch 18 87, Roma

Stand Bevande Futuriste T04, Roma Bar Show

Francesco e Luca Minafra, Il Vecchio e il Mare - Trani

Silvia Carpene, Buseto - Roma

Valeria Bassetti, Drink_it

Gianluca Fraccascia, Brand Ambassador Prohibito

Snapshots from the Roma Bar Show with our bartenders friends

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