Mixology Experience in Milan, from May 8th to 10th 2022: a meeting and sharing place for the International bar industry; an exceptional opportunity for businesses, brand and conscious consumers. A three-days of high mixology and special guests.

Mixology Experience is the first and main mixology event in 2022; a single exhibition combining the eight Bartender.it themed formats which completely transformed the world of Italian bartendering over the past 13 years. Twelve areas presenting the best of Italian bar industry: the highest-ranking beverage importers, distributors and manufacturers.

This is why we specially chose this stage to present our innovative Gran Teatro della Miscelazione, and celebrate the birth of Prohibito and the new era of Italian mixology, with the collaboration of many friends such as Bindi, Fantasia nel dessert, and Samantha Migani, owner and resident Bartender of Tiki bar Hawiki Paradise in Igea Marina, with their exclusive Cocktail & Dessert food proposal.

The exhibition offers many experiences, with a constant attention to new mixing trends that stimulate and incentive the growth of Italian bartendering. Thanks to the participation of some of the most famous Italian cocktail bars, the shows guides the guests through a real creative jungle, a place without labels: here, different personalities and talents recognise each other in the strength of ideas; here, many forms of creativity are applied to mixology and continuous experimentation. A jungle of stimuli around us, an endless curiosity inside us.

Flyer: Gran Teatro della Miscelazione, Mixology Experience

Samantha Migani, owner of Hawaiki Paradise, with her Tiki Cocktail crafted with our natural, organic Futurist products

18 Famous national bartenders follow one another behind the bar counter with their themed drink lists, specifically created for the event.

Special thanks to resident DJ Gianvito Panzini (@mistapanzeeny), spiritual DJ Marino Ottaviani (@mymantra_marino_ottaviani), Master of Evolutionary Tarot Franca Bisulli (@francabis), and to all the guests who give us the most unforgettable, soul-enriching emotions:

Sunday 8 May:
Elena Limongelli, Barlady Groucho Miscele Alcoliche (Reggio Emilia)
Caterina Gu, Barlady Ronin (Milano)
Mattia Corunto, Owner Imbergin
Diego Melorio, Owner Quanto Basta (Lecce)
Umberto Oliva, Bar Manager Bella Milano (Milano)

Monday, 9th May
Montasar Mhalla, Barman I Corrieri (Palermo)
Nunzio Prestana, Barman Vespa Cafe' (Palermo)
Gianni Dell'olio E Pasquale Pizzi, Owner and Bar Manager Contrabar (Bisceglie)
Joe Marzovilla, Owner Parlapiano Bistrot (Mola Di Bari)
Gabriele Tammaro, Bar Manager The Stage (Milano)
Vanessa Seminara, Bar Manager Ddr (Torino)

Tuesday, 10th May
Marco Giuridio, Owner Fairs Spirits
Marco Carioti, Bar Manager Iter (Milano)
Giovanni Torre, Owner Circus Cocktail Bar (Catania)
Nicola Milella, Owner Summit Club (Bari)
Tommy Colonna, Owner Benni From Gambrinus (Gravina)

Elena Limongelli, Barlady Groucho Miscele Alcoliche (Reggio Emilia)

Diego Melorio, owner, Quanto Basta (Lecce)

Gianni Dell'Olio and Pasquale Pizzi, owner and Bar Manager, Contrabar (Bisceglie)

Caterina Gu, Barlady Ronin (Milano)

A not-to-miss event: the Un Tiki Prohibito masterclass on May 8th at the Mixology Experience Branded Seminar Room; an overview on the history of Tiki mixing, the most extravagant and long-running mixing style, described by the leading expert Gianni Zottola and Samuele Ambrosi, creator of the innovative butter syrup Tiki Batter Prohibito.

Samuele Ambrosi and Gianni Zottola

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