With pleasure, we are Sponsor of Imoco Volley Conegliano, Italian multi-champion women's volleyball Team in the A1 league.

Above: Imoco Volley wins the 2022 Italian Supercup

Imoco Volley faced the last season with success, and won their fifth consecutive Italian Supercup.

Palazzo Wanny, the new home of Florentine volley, is the location of the 27^ vivo Italian Supercup, in a game that has become a classic of women's volleyball between the defending Italian champion and winner of the Italian Cup Imoco Volley Conegliano, and the Cup finalist Igor Gorgonzola Novara.

Above: Giorgia Frosini, Imoco Volley Player with Amatisana Mint & Ginger Infusion

The match was arranged by the Italian Women's Volley League and Master Group Sport, and saw the two teams completely renovated after losing some big shots during the summer. Despite the line-up changes, however, both contenders managed to rebuild the team with major leaguers, and will now have a full month to restore the balance before the championship begins.

Above: Robin de Kruijf, Imoco Volley Player with Amatisana Liquorice & Fennel Infusion

The Supercup was played on Saturday, November 26th: a date which is not mere coincidence, because it followed the International Day Againts Women's Violence, and was accompained by several initiatives to raise awareness towards a too often underestimated social issue.

As in the past few years, the event took therefore on the double function of a sport festival, but also of an attention catcher towards the inclusion-, solidarity- and gender equality-related values of the Italian Women's Volley League and of Master Group Sport.

Imoco conquered the sixth Italian Supercup, the fith in a a row, defeating Igor Novara 3-1: another success for the Panthers. And after such a roaring beginning, the season can only hold further surprises for the team.

It is a honour to us, to represent a team at the top of the Italian championship and in the world. A Futurist team, just like our company. Go Panthers!

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