How couldn't we celebrate the day? April 9 is universally recognized as the Gin and Tonic Day!

A drink that owes its birth to the fusion of two inventions that have literally changed our lives: Gin and Tonic.

But to what (and to whom) do we owe the invention of Gin Tonic? To understand this we have to take the usual step back, up to the very distant 1700s (one thousand seven hundred) when a Scottish doctor, George Cleghorn, discovered that quinine (a natural alkaloid originally obtained from the bark of the Andean Cinchona plant already known and used as a medicine by the Spaniards in the XVII century) was able to prevent malaria. The sailors of the time who were afflicted with malaria began to use quinine (definitely very bitter) together with gin, water, lime and sugar. The game seems done, but we need to wait a few more years (1783), when Mr. Schweppe (does the name mean anything to you?) invents soda (future tonic water) – obviously sold first as a medicinal remedy and then as a drink. History therefore tells us that our beloved Gin Tonic, between diseases and inventions, has been blended for more than two hundred years. It goes without saying that like all good stories and legends it has various facets concerning the Dutch colonies, the Americas and much more, but what you absolutely need to know now you know, the rest is legend.

But how can we pay homage to this incredible and beloved drink? Obviously putting it in a glass and to do it in the best way we went around various bartender friends and asked what is (in their opinion) the perfect Gin Tonic. We have used all the means necessary to contact them, we have spared no expense, from Messenger to Instagram, even via Whatsapp: and here are the Gin Tonics that you absolutely must prepare for this day of celebration.  come possiamo rendere omaggio a questo incredibile e amatissimo drink? Ovviamente mettendolo in un bicchiere e per farlo nel migliore dei modi abbiamo fatto un giro tra vari amici bartender e chiesto qual è (secondo loro) il perfect Gin Tonic. Abbiamo usato tutti i mezzi necessari per contattarli, non abbiamo badato a spese, da Messenger a Instagram, passando anche per Whatsapp: ed ecco i Gin Tonic che assolutamente dovete prepararvi in questo giorno di Festa.

– Alessandro Simeone (AcquaRoof Terrazza Molinari) –


Alessandro Simeone, born in Rome in 1989, grew up professionally in various European cities and in the Canary Islands, at the counter of the Shisha, one of the most renowned cocktail bars of the islands. Back in Rome, he underwent a long period of training and deepening at the Mixology Academy and, after working in several clubs in the capital, at Coho Loft Rome and at the Woods as bar manager, he returned to hold the shaker of the Acquaroof, on the sidelines of three years as bar manager of the structure and restaurant Acquolina.


Cool a high tumbler with a Chunk, remove the excess water produced and add:

45 ml of The Botanist 22

Tonica Cortese

Lemon test

Essential lemon oils 

A sage leaf (as garnish)

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