Introducing top-quality raw materials in the world of mixology and soft drinks thanks to products developed through research, craftmanship and rediscovery. 

This is the goal with which, back in 2014, succesful enterpreneur Alessandro Angelon's - a well-known protagonist of this industry - deep expertise, and Alberto Zamuner and Elena Ceschelli's ideas, strategies, product and marketing enthusiasm, joined together to found Bevande Futuriste.


But the research and development stage of your project dates back to 20211...?

'Yes. We like to call ourselves "dauntless Venetians" because we started from scratch, but with a rock-solid background; we are also accustomed to bravely fighting for our ideas, and that is where our brand name comes from. "Bevande Futuriste" is no coincidence.'

The narrator of the brand and company history is Elena Ceschelli, one of the three founding partners of Bevande Futuriste. 'Our adventured began in 2014 with a range of organic fruit juices at an affordable price. Nobody trusted this project; many others had tried to do the same, but to no avail. Instead, thanks to our will and determination, we eventually achieved our goal. Nowadays there is a high demand for organic products, and we succesfully proved to be ahead of our times.

From organic fruit juices, you have now landed to the world of soft drinks and mixology, applying the same principles of quality and research to your new product ranges..

'CORTESE is a range that we have specially developed for, and in collaboration with, mixology specialists, to provide bartenders with the best high quality mixing products. Because the quality of the ingredients is not only essential for gourmet dishes, but also for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Again, starting our research in 2014, we anticipated a nowadays widespread demand. And, despite the wide offer, and the very peculiar situation we are now facing, the market keeps growing.'

How are you dealing with this situation?

'By taking advantage of social media to involve bartenders at home and keep communication going. We have recently launched a video-appoinyment called "Barman in Pantofole" ("Barman in Slippers, t/n), where the participants receive a mixing kit, take a short video while preparing a cocktail and post the recipe on Bevande Futuriste and CORTESE's social media profiles. A simple, but effective way to reach out to our final consumers, interact with them, reveal their favourite cocktail's ingredients and prompt them to ask for these ingredients when they will eventually go back to buying it at the bar. In a way, we are trying to spread the culture that hides behind what you can drink in a cocktail bar. Another instrument we are trying to spread is the book "The Little Barman", written in collaboration with bartender Flavio Angiolillo and Claudio Giffoni, and published by Giunti Editore. A short novel in which a Little Prince of mixology meets and connects with the different human types one can encounter behind the bar counter.

What makes your Tonic Water so special?

Tonic Water is a flagship to us. We produce five different Italian Tonic Water, none of which contains artificial colourings or preservatives. A detail which might seem obvious, but which actually makes a huge difference, as one can simply notice by reading other products' labels. Our Pure Tonic is made with 100% natural quinine. 


Is mixology growing??

In Italy, especially in the South, there are many wonderful cocktails bar run by extremely professional and creative bartenders.

Futurist goals?

Our Futurism is movement, strenght, resolution, culture. We want to bring back beauty, kindness, respect, education and transparency to the market. This is the future to us.


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