2021's password: low alcohol, almost zero. To mix at will to obtain non-alcoholic cocktails to drink fresh, on the rocks, or in purity only with the vitamin presence of a citrus. But with a diktat: that they are good, very good, in every respect. Soft drinks only in the name, strong in the sensorial personality, olfactory, even productive, with raw materials of the highest quality. And not just because the future provides excellent cocktails. The philosophical principle of Bevande Futuriste is anticipated/summed up by this will of respect from the first seed of the fruit chosen to become nectar, squeezed, sodata sparkling and refreshing, Cortesino that erases the dust from the traditional non-alcoholic and returns the vintage atmosphere of the aperitif. A tension to care, to beauty, to the round and sincere good.

1. Bevande Futuriste, the Cortese line

Only the bottles are a visual journey to itself, small and practical, 200 ml and glass resistant to be carried in the bag. Cortese’s soft drinks include the best tonic waters, based on water, carbon dioxide and very little sugar, in three taste references: Light with natural quinine, Pure Tonic with South American cinchona bark, Strong with a hint of chili pepper for the most passionate drinks.

2. Bevande Futuriste, the Cortese Original Bio 1959 line

Only the names are a journey on the memory lane: Cedrata, Aranciata Bionda, Chinotto, Spuma, Cola and so on mentioning along the Italian tradition of good drinking, by itself or mixed. The crazy graphics of the Cortese Originale Bio 1959 wrap the glass of the bottles to keep in family stock for every pleasure and desire.

3. Bevande Futuriste, the Cortesino

In the regular red version or in the white version as an exception that confirms the rule, Cortesino is the non-alcoholic aperitif that reinterprets vintage in a contemporary key: bitter the right, sparkling the right, fresh and with controlled sugar, lends itself to any respectable aperitif break.

4. Bevande Futuriste, DiFrutta juices

Juices, nectars, 100% organic juices of real fruit: DiFrutta is Bevande Futuriste's line that satisfies parents looking for healthy drinks for children (and also for themselves). The fruit is harvested at the right time, when the ripening is perfect, and processed under vacuum in order to maintain vitamins or properties.

5. Bevande Futuriste, T.V.Bio smoothies

Easy to say "fresh fruit smoothies", more difficult to make it tasty and really good. The T.V.Bio are composed by 100% organic fruit, without GMOs, dyes or added sugars, and completely gluten free certified. For those who do not want to give up postprandial fruit or look for a quick refill of vitamins. Tvb immediate.

6. Bevande Futuriste, the super Soda

Being able to enclose the slightly mineral, salty taste, which bursts in the mouth with the sparkling and refreshes without weighing it down, makes the Soda a perfect soft drink for a pleasant break, almost a welcome drink to start the future evening.

7. Bevande Futuriste, the authentic Lemonade

The juice of real Italian lemons, that light touch of sparkling and absolute freshness: Lemon is a really authentic lemonade, with a powerful and fantastic aromatic bouquet alone. Of course, the ability to mix it with a great gin to cuddle with a lemon gin is an extra that mustn't be underestimated.

8. Bevande Futuriste, Ginger Beer

People of the Moscow Mule, fans of the bitter and spicy part that makes certain cocktails the only answer to the question "what are you drinking", the Ginger Beer line Scortese (expressly dedicated to high mixology) is made with real organic ginger juice, grains of pepper and chili. For daring and demanding mouths. 

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