Gianluca Losco interviews Bevande Futuriste's founder and marketing director Elena Ceschelli on Story Time: the radio that looks into "our Human Capital" and business world through the live voice of its protagonists; people who, thanks to skills, commitment and passion, represent the true engine of Italy.

Bringing the quality of raw materials into the world of mixology and soft drinks through a variety of ranges; the result of careful research, craftsmanship and rediscovery. These are the values that propmpted Elena Ceschelli and her partners, Alessandro Angelon and Alberto Zamuner, united by the passion and the enthusiasm for ideas, strategies, product and marketing, to create Bevande Futuriste

Graduate in Public Relation at the IULM University in Milan and expert in Consumption Psychology Elena Ceschelli explains that the company was founded to meet the needs of the contemporary woman - a modern, futurist woman, - and that is based on a careful research carried out by Elena herself on the consumption habits of a precise segment of women when on the go: from the student to the grandmother, from the influencer, to the manager and the attentive mother.

Bevande Futuriste promotes a completely natural lifestyle, investing in an integrated Research & Development Lab to take its no-sugar mission forward, and craft increasingly green and wholesome products: “a new way to drink soft” suitable for every moment of the day and different consumption occasions, from a quick out-of-home break to nightlife.

The company's mission aims at spreading the values of beauty, nature and quality among society, to promote the glamour of a healthy lifestyle, and meet the expectations even of the most careful and hedonistic consumers.

As Elena points out, even in communication women - defined as "Futurist" (read: modern, multitasking, trendsetter) - have a higher gear: "we own the gift of negotiation, but also of trade (...). We know how to attract, how to charm and easily reach our goals. This is why, in my marketing and communication team, I wanted to surround myself with female professionals."

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Gianluca Losco intervista Elena Ceschelli a Story Time

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