Just a few days ago she launched a new line of iced teas, a matcha green, a white and a black, to which he added another first fruits, three innovative cold teas, a brand Amatisana, without sugar but with natural sweeteners: mint and ginger, licorice and fennel, chamomile and star anise. 

New products that are added to DiFrutta juices, Ama_tè tea, traditional Italian drinks, from cedar to chinotto, from orange soda to gazzosa, which are also distinguished by a brand of verse: Original Bio 1959, in addition to the soft drink lines baptized Cortese. 

For seven years now - exactly since January 2014 -, the three partners Elena Ceschelli, Alberto Zamuner and Alessandro Angelon, all from the beverage industry with important experiences, have risen to the Italian market (which today accounts for 80% of revenues) and abroad (20%) with their natural and organic beverages, the result of a careful choice of raw materials and an attractive packaging where nothing is left to chance, from the colors of the labels to the graphics. 

Bevande Futuriste is the Treviso-based company that has aimed to combine aesthetic futurism with quality, knowing that today consumers are increasingly looking for a refreshing, non-alcoholic, delicious and absolutely natural product. A niche product that is marketed only in the horeca and that now also looks at large hotels, after finding its place in the travel channel, in the bars of airports and large stations. 


Eight of our products out of ten - says Elena Ceschelli, founding partner of Bevande Futuriste - are marketed in Italy, in particular in Triveneto, Tuscany and Puglia. We have set ourselves the goal of growing across borders, for now we are present in almost all of Europe, in Hong Kong, in Australia and, in small part, also in the Arab Emirates. We would like to land in the United States, an interesting market, of course, but in order to do so we will have to set up an ad hoc company and invest a lot. For the moment we think about this summer, which seems to be positive. People feel the need to leave home, they want to send good and drink just as well, quality products, natural like ours. Now the research is directed towards certified, traditional, more genuine and simpler drinks than cocktails, which we were used to see consumed especially by young people».

The company’s turnover increased from 6.8 million euros in 2019 to 7 million euros in 2020; Bevande Futuriste's management expects, for this year, to reach 8 million euros, which are considered a very significant result. 

Never attracted by large-scale distribution, not even at the peak of the pandemic, when the horeca seemed on the verge of collapsing, Bevande Futuriste is working a lot on social media, participates in all trade fairs and maintains a high ranking. 

«We will make sure to improve our quality even more, even if we are already at the top, and to make our bottles visually more and more lively and colorful - concludes the entrepreneur from Treviso -. There is still a lot to work, to express and to conquer». 

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