Eclectic, strong and fresh like the Mistral wind, like the contemporary woman, like the creator, Veronica Costantino. So in summary at the first sip, the drink Largo9 created by the bar manager of the new and innovative Florentine local from which he borrows his name, Largo9 note. Spicy and citrus notes characterize a pressing taste as changing, all the elements are shown with elegance and sinuosity as in a jam session of English jazz.verovica-costantini-largo-9

Piccante e conturbante, il Largo9 di Veronica Costantino

Largo9 is built on the character of each of its ingredients, first the delicacy of a dry and fragrant gin like the Ginarte, which despite its 43.5 strong is the harmonious synthesis between substance and grace. A distillate inspired by art and the emotions that the latter can give, sometimes weak and ethereal, but with the right companions, responds with a bouquet of clean and sharp aromas such as elderberry flowers, hibiscus and the balsamic nature of the mountain pine.

It is said that the essence of a great leader is the value of his "troop", and Veronica with this mixed managed very well to confirm this assumption.  Here is a good dose of Gin, mixed with cedar water, a homemade syrup of basil and pink pepper, a hint of lemon, and to close a top-up of Rude Pure Tonic. A soft drink with a strong taste, made with natural aromas of lemongrass, black cardamom, thyme, natural extract of green tea and natural quinine, chosen by bartender to enhance all the spicy and botanical notes of the drink. To sign the decoration, garlic sprouts and a flower edulo that recall the scents and identity of the local, which was born with two souls: the cocktail bar and the gourmet pizzeria under the direction of Gabriele Dani. And since Florence is consolidating as one of the Italian capitals of blended drinking, here is the proposal of the young Calabrian barlady Veronica Costantino, elected Best Female Bartender in the last Florence Cocktail Week testifies to the desire to show that mixed drinking is functional - and not accessory - on the table. 

Ingredients (for a drink):

50 ml Gin

20 ml of cedar water 

15 ml of lemon juice

10 ml homemade basil syrup and Sichuan pink pepper

Top Water Tonic Neutral

Glass: high tumbler

Instruments: Shaker

Technique: Stir & Strain

Garnish: garlic sprouts and edible flowers

Bartender: Veronica Costantino, LargoNove’s bar manager in Florence 


For the homemade syrup: bring to a boil fresh basil with some pink Sichuan pepper, add sugar with a ratio of 2:1 and let cool. Pour all the ingredients, except the top, into a shaker, then shake vigorously and filter into a tall tumbler glass. Pour the tonic gently until it fills the glass and decorate with garlic shoots and edible flowers.

Food pairing:

Clean and precise, a classic pizza margherita: the one that has the basil. The same summer scent that returns, married to pink pepper, in the cocktail. And if you really don’t feel like masters in yeast , forget about pizza and cook a great classic: spaghetti, garlic, oil and chili. 


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