It is spring... what a feast of colors! Madonnas and flowers eternal triumph of youth...sang Alberto Rabagliati in the forties. A joyful hymn to the colors, scents and lightness of spring. In a virtual passing of witness, about seventy years later, Cristiana Ara, young and virtuous barmanager of Opificio Del Tentenna, modern temple of good drinking in Sassari, makes the same notes of "Mattinata Fiorentina" sound in a tumbler with a simple drink, fresh and harmonious, just like Rabagliati’s "ballad".

White Zone, the drink of hope (to return to celebrate together)cristina-ara-sassari-barlady-opificio-del-tentenna

White Zone - questo il nome scelto da Cristiana per quello che diventerà certamente il signature drink dell’Opificio - come zona bianca, come libertà e gioia di riprendere a lavorare e coccolare i suoi clienti. “Ho creato questa ricetta all’indomani della conferma della zona bianca, volevo “versare” nel bicchiere tutte le emozioni, tutti i sentimenti, tutta la gioia del momento in cui sono tornata dietro il mio banco, il mio laboratorio di idee.” racconta Ara con la dolcezza e il piglio della sognatrice. “Oggi siamo tornati alle restrizioni della zona arancione, ma White Zone resta e aprirà la nuova drink list, pronta per quando il nostro bancone e la nostra bottigliera torneranno a colorarsi di gioia e spensieratezza”.

Only four ingredients for the White Zone, each bearing a precise note, in a sort of symphony of solos of a measured balance. The bitter Roma Bianco by Silvio Carta, chosen for the spiciness particularly fresh, herbaceous and intense flavor. The Mistral vermouth of Macchia, to give the acidic and fruity notes of myrtle and Vermentino of Gallura - two of the most intense "botanicals" of this product -. And then the two magical and alchemical touches, the rosolio bergamot Italicus which signature citrus and pleasantly bitter and the top up of one of the most spicy and grumpy tonic waters between the Strong Cortese

A concentration of scents bewitching to the nose and satisfying in the sip. The peaks of sapidity and balsamicità, cancel with elegance the boring softness, constantly inviting another sip. Low alcohol content, with the addition of tonic is reduced even more, offering a great versatility in gastronomic matching. An aperitif for the all around meal, off course!


2.5 cl Rosolio with bergamot

3 cl Vermouth white 

3 cl Bitter white

Top Scortese Strong Tonic

Glass: low tumbler drink

Tools: Mixing Glass

Technique: Stir & Strain Build

Garnish: Lemon peel, bergamot essential oil

Bartender: Cristiana Ara, bar manager of Opificio del Tentenna Sassari 


Cool the mixing glass well with plenty of ice making it swirl vigorously with the spoon bar. At the desired temperature, remove ice and water. Gently pour one at a time all the ingredients except tonic water and mix gently for a few seconds, so that the liquids reach the right temperature without exceeding in the thermal shock. Prepare the glass by spraying twice the essential oil of Bergamot, add a cube of monoblock ice. Pour the contents of the mixing glass and close - Top Up - with tonic water. Decorate with the rind of a lemon.


Cocktail drink, as we used to say, reinforced. A stir fry, vegetables or white meats are without ifs and buts, the most comfortable pairing. The citrus and fresh notes will help to balance the palate, without covering the tasty meal.  

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