Bevande Futuriste has carried out the project "DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW ECO-SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING" financed by Decree of the Director of the ERDF Management Area n. 7 of 9 February 2018 under the "Call for Support for the purchase of services for innovation by SMEs"POR FESR 2014-2020, Axis 1. Action 1.1.2. referred to in Resolution no. 1848 of 14 November 2017.

The project saw the company involved in the development of a new eco-sustainable packaging, through which to create containers and labels for its products, which can also represent an advertising vehicle through which to promote the company’s values.
Thanks to the support of the Galileo Science and Technology Park, Bevande Futuriste has been able to activate a specialist consultancy aimed at projecting a new package for its natural, healthy and bio products, as consistent as possible with the content and therefore also 'natural' or, in any case, 'eco-sustainable'.

The public contribution to the project is € 10,500.00.